Former executive of Facebook has been hired by Apple to build up its own advertising system

Despite the tech giant Apple, claiming its products and services to be free of advertisements but still there is some room left for these ads on the App Store and on other macOS and iOS apps. With the growing service category of this platform, it looks like that Apple is planning to take some new big steps by investing in the advertisement sector as it hired Antonio Garcia Martinez, who previously worked for the social media giant, Facebook in its advertisement team.

As per Business Insider, Martinez was appointed by Apple in April and it is expected that he will be working in the Silicon Valley’s city, Cupertino. This news was based on the information collected by the LinkedIn profile of Martinez who worked for Facebook from 2011 to 2013 as it’s Product Manager for the advertisement platform of the social network, he is also famous for being an author of the well known book “Chaos Monkeys” and for being an entrepreneur as well.

And now as per the reports, the former entrepreneur is joining hands with Apple to work on its App Store and the News Advertising team of Apple. When asked about these reports, both Martinez and the company decided not to answer anything related to the hiring.

Previously, back till 2016, Apple had its own platform for advertisement purpose and was named as iAd. This platform would enable the advertisers to deliver interactive ads for iOS applications. However, iAd was never considered to be a successful approach and later in 2016, the company put an end to it. Apple still offers some available ad slots for highlighting apps in its App Store and also some ads that are shown on Apple News. In the second quarter of 2021, Apple earned up to $16.9 billion from its services, which includes the App Store as well as the ads it hosts.

Lately, Apple has been encouraging its developers to use ads for promoting their iOS applications which depicts as if the company is interested in further exploring this category. These new steps are been taken at the time when the tech giant is all set to introduce its new App Tracking Transparency feature which helps the users to opt themselves out from getting tracked by the third party applications. This feature was able to impact many platforms including Facebook who generates its revenue from advertisements. A recent report said that more than 10,000 application decided to adopt the ATT feature.

It is unlikely for Apple to become a major hub for the online advertising market, however the company wants to make sure that the advertisements being shown on its platform follows the privacy guidelines provided by them.

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