Your Storage Is at A Risk of Being Deleted According to The New Policies Google Is Rolling Out on June 1st

Google has brought about the best applications and features for its users like Google Docs, Google Photos and Drive etc. which are used by millions in their daily lives. However, Google is bringing about some new policies that will go in action from June 1st.

Google back in December of 2020 announced this huge update policy to its users through emails. The mails sent out by the tech giant said that the company is announcing new storage policies for their Google accounts which includes Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos and that the new terms will allow the US technology firm to delete some of your data and personal files themselves without your consent.

For someone who stores all their personal stuff and family photos within the Google apps, this email must have been very frightening and considering how such a huge population relies on the service for storing and securing their documents and personal files this email was a bit shocking and looked worrying to the users.

The people were flabbergasted because the tech giant promises to store their data and after Google Drive already announcing to limit the storage capacity and requiring payments to buy more storage last year, this was yet another shock for the users.

However, the tech giant when saw the public being shocked at their emails have now come clear with what they are actually up to.

The US-based tech firm, Google said that they have brought in these changes to do some spring cleaning. People stop using their applications and services and do not bother to inform the tech giant and their data remains in their accounts for a long time.

In order to avoid any such thing, the tech giant has come up with a new policy that gives users only a two-year limit to stay away from their account. Any user who fails to log in or check up in their accounts for more than 24 months Google will automatically start to remove some of their content from their storage and documents without their consent.

With this, users will get a good time notice before they see any snaps or documents being deleted and sent out in the rubbish bin. However, once removed users will also receive an email which will notify them that some of their data has been permanently removed.

The policy goes out from June 1st so in case you haven’t logged into your Google accounts for more than a year, now is the time to do so.

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