Google Play Store is recently working on redesigning a section that adds an overview page with more information

Google Play Store has over 100 billion downloads and more than 5 million apps are published through play, therefore, Play Store tries to redesign its Apps section to help the users easily understand the options and they can manage their apps conveniently. Therefore, Google is now testing again a new design in the "My Apps" section.

After launching a redesign to the Google Play Store that abandoned the hamburger menu, Google is now trying again a major restoration. Google Play Store is currently testing a redesign "My App" section that will include an overview page with more descriptions about the apps. This new design is pointed out by the user of Reddit app that Play Store is modified the "My Apps" page that we have seen for many years, now Play Store is swapping it with an "Overview page". This new page illustrates Google Play protect font and center chased by an "All Apps up to date" section, which, apparently, shows a list of apps that have not been revised or updated. By tapping to that section, this will show up your pending downloads of apps list and "Check for Updates" control.

Moreover, at the bottom of the page, there is section of your storage and "Send" and "Receive" buttons that combine with the adjacent share option. At the last, there is a section of ratings and reviews that many people want to give feedback about the apps which helps the developer to make changes in the next updates according to the demands of users, users can also give the feedback in the form of ratings or stars. 5 stars will be counted about top rating and vice versa. Few other sources have also spotted this major revamp but the post of the users of the Reddit app was the first witness that Google is actually introducing the interface to its users.

One more section is also included named "Manage apps", from where the users can check the collection of their installed apps that many people are used to seeing on the Play Store. there is also a button that shows the details about the apps that have been installed on the device and it also gives information about those apps that have yet not been installed, the latter displaying you the history of the apps. The users will be able to see this latest design of the "My Apps" section soon

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