Google May Start Doing Away With Your Drive Data

Google has recently announced that it may start delving into the Google Drive folders of certain users, and deleting information without their active consent.

Now, this author is sure that most people have had the knee-jerk reaction of checking their Drive folders for missing content, but let's press on for a few sentences. Of course, such recourse has not taken place unprompted. Google Drive, the online storage space for all Google accounts, has become a tool of convenience for millions of people. It's essentially a large, portable storage device, with 15GB of free space (more can be acquired by paying for it)! Therefore, any large changes to it have the potential of resulting in heavy community backlash. Google cites their reason for doing so as keeping in with modern industry practices. Whatever, the reason, the changes are bound to come. However, Google has both provided methods to avoid such content erasure, as well as given a wide deadline until these changes take root. As a matter of fact, the projected date of implementation currently sits at June 1st, 2021, a half year's length. So, no need to take any harsh measures yet, there's plenty of time left.

Harsh measures such as rushing to buy a hard drive to export all of your data into are also unnecessary. Google, not wishing to hamper the online experience of their users because of modern standards, has delved into how easily one can keep their online content safe. Simply enough, the only Drive folders at risk of losing their contents will belong to users that aren't active on the application. Google states that all one needs to do is keep checking in on their Drive every now and then, and it won't get flagged for content removal. Just that simple! However, it does raise speculation that perhaps the reason for this up haul is simply Google wishing to increase app engagement for the Drive.

Google has also revealed that these changes for the Drive will also be taking place for the Google Photos app. They will be implemented at the same time across both platforms. In another change to the norm, any new photo or video uploaded in high-quality will automatically use the aforementioned free 15GB provided to all Google accounts. In a claim to make such a transition easier, this change will also be enacted no sooner than June 1st, 2021.

The inactivity period required for Google to start rummaging through one's Drive and Photos is stated to be a minimum of 24 months. The company also claims to inform users via emails and app notifications before removing content, giving their audience plenty of wiggle room for keeping their respective accounts active, and their content safe.

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