You can now honor your teachers with the Virtual Tribute through Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

The Covid-19 pandemic came out of blue and forced everything to go online. Though the new generation did not feel much of a change after being shifted to online studies however, the teaching staff did faced a lot of difficulty to get themselves settled with this new change in education system. And because of this they had to put in extra efforts to make sure they perform their duties flawlessly. To appreciate these efforts, the social media giant Facebook decided to collaborate with an organization namely , Say it now. This initiative will help people to appreciate their teachers and educators that were able to influence the lives of their students positively.

The act of embracing the teachers to let them know that how much grateful everyone is because of their hard work and dedication is an effective way to lift up the spirits especially at a time like this when they had to face so many difficulties because of Covid-19 pandemic. Through this collaboration with Say it now organization, the user will be able to present a Virtual living Tribute to their favorite teachers and educators with the help of the application by using Messenger Rooms tool.

2020 has been complicated for almost everyone even for teaching staff , given on such conditions this initiative from the social media giant is well timed. It is a great way to glorify things they went through in this time period. The messaging app for Facebook, messenger is inviting its users to make a living virtual tribute through its Messenger Rooms service to show their respect by recognizing the struggle their teachers had to go through. The service can be used by anyone to pay tribute either if the user is a former student or a current one.

According to the a blog post published by Lauren Cascio, Product Design Director, teachers are underappreciated oftentimes and the moment to show gratitude is more meaningful in this situation. By keeping the situation in mind, the Messenger Rooms started to work with the Say it now organizations that helps in conducting living tributes to honor those people who somehow had an impact on others life. The fact that showing the gratitude can be done in person as well however not everyone gets a chance for a one on one conversation. This is why this Virtual Living Tribute can be used as an alternative.

Through this online appreciation, up to 50 students can show their gratitude at the same time. It is just like a group video call which is carried out by Messenger Rooms and can be scheduled via Facebook Messenger. By selecting the teacher and other students just send the details to everyone so they can join the tribute on time. Messenger room can also be used to conduct online meeting session or a friendly session with friends and family and can also be used for educational purposes.

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