Facebook Is Expanding End-to-End Encryption and Planning On Launching It for Rooms

Facebook is one of most used platforms that exists currently in the social media world. Facebook has been in the social media space for the longest times and people are highly attached to the application in terms socializing and connecting with their friends and family and updating people about their lives. The tech giant understands that a vast population is relying on the application and therefore the company works very hard day in and out to bring forwards features and tools for their users that are user friendly and unique in order to keep their audience intact and growing.

One new feature that the company is working towards is something you must have seen in WhatsApp a lot. It is called “End-to-End Encryption” and is a source of maintaining the privacy of users and now Facebook is introducing a similar feature as well on their main app.

While it already has this feature in some parts of its application the tech giant is now expanding encryption to more of its messaging products. Facebook is working on end to end encrypted rooms now on the platform. You can set the encryption in rooms through the settings on the main application and select who can join the room by the given two options “Anyone with the link” and “Only people who you approve” along with various other settings. Once this feature is enabled for a room user will not be able to turn it off again.

This feature was discovered by none other than Alessandro Paluzzi who is an app researcher. Paluzzi took it to his Twitter with two screenshots to explain what he thinks about this feature.

If you are wondering why you cannot see this feature it is because the tech giant is working on it currently and it has not been launched for the general public. It may take some time before it is officially launched. However, there is also a possibility that you may never see it because all tech giants are known not to release features if it does not come up to their expectations during the testing. Whatever will happen we will come to know of it in the near future.
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