LinkedIn is encouraging its users to start using its network and its tools to secure better career opportunities

LinkedIn is an online service that has been one of the leading sources for job seeking and for hiring someone. It is an American-based service that was launched in May of 2003 and works through both websites and apps. Over the years, it has managed to make a mark of itself for professional networking. These days being good at networking professionally is what will make or break your career. It is important for you to make connections no matter whatever career you are going to pursue. For this, LinkedIn on its site has provided some tips on how to make a withstanding career on the platform on this day and age.

If a person is more actively engaged in their field of work and have made many or only a few connections in their line of work then this speaks a lot of their potential and also helps them in the long run as well. Obviously if you have connections you can move onto much greater opportunities and expand your potential to the maximum. By growing connections you are only benefiting yourself in the long run. No matter how low your income is, making sure that you make connections right from the beginning of your career will mark your success to the top.

For this, LinkedIn went through the accounts of three million members on the platform from every part of the world who had similar educational background and professional experience to know how their connections on the platform made it easier for them to move onto the next one quickly.

LinkedIn found that members who had at least 13 connections on the platform with other companies other than the company they are currently working for, had 22.9% faster rate into going from one job to another than others who comparatively take a much longer time to find another job. Members who were part of at least one group had 8.6% faster transition rate and those who followed at least 5 organizations had 7.1% faster rate into shifting to another job than others who weren’t members of the either two categories.

LinkedIn is a platform whose concept is built around the idea of professional networking; it is the number one place for you to grow your contacts in. LinkedIn says that over the years tit has provided many tools to help their users gain connections, be part of groups and gain followers, and with keeping all of that in mind the results that have shown are not at all expected. LinkedIn says that their users should be working more on growing their relations across the platform to help find security in their careers. Having strong connections is an integral part in every line of work and the more open people are to making more connections and finding more opportunities, the more they are likely to succeed in this world.

LinkedIn believes that till now, it has been the only platform that has been able to provide more opportunities related to every line of work than other platforms and is definitely the place for you to build your career in. So users should use this platform and the services that it provides for their good.

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