The CEOs across the world reveals that they are speculating that digital transformation, AI technology, and corporate engagement will stimulate a huge economic growth in 2021

The pandemic situation has changed the working style of the people, digital technology, and everything else. Recently, around 60% of chief executives have polled for Gartner 2021 CEO survey and the major highlights were that they anticipate a huge return in the economic growth in this year and the next year and they are expecting that digital transformation that happened mostly during the pandemic situation, AI technology, and corporate engagement will play a vital role in the upcoming economic growth. The pandemic devastated the economies of the world in the year 2020 according to the statement of the research firm. Gartner has released its yearly survey report which over 6 months of last year polled 465 chief executives’ officers and other senior executives of the companies of different sizes, having different incomes, and industry situated in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

The top preferences of CEOs in 2021 show belief that over partial report development as their prime focus and see opportunity on the other side of catastrophe, tracked by the transformation of technology, and corporate activism said by the research vice president at Gartner. In the year, all the leaders of the world will interpret what the post-pandemic world looks like and restoring mid to long-range approaches of the business as a result. The research vice president further said in a statement that in most cases, that will discover a round of new fundamental changes to capacity, location, products, and business patterns.

Respondents mentioned business expansion, changes in technology, corporate engagement such as mergers and acquisitions as the top preferences for their companies in this year and the upcoming year. Digital capacity is the main area where almost every respondent is making a strategy to invest in 2021. When the respondents gave their answers about their top-rated preferences in their own words, 20% of the CEOs spoke the word “Digital” increasing from 17% and 15% in 2020 and 2019. After the main preferences of digital transformation, the researcher found that the second most priority of the executives is AI technology over the coming years. Around 30% of the respondents said that quantum computing will be appropriate to their companies in the long run. Some respondents focused on 5G and blockchain.

The economic competition between China and the US was another area of apprehension for Gartner respondents. Almost 1/3 of the respondents said that growing trade disagreements between the two countries over underlying technologies like AI and 5G were a substantial concern for their businesses. CEOs from all over the world also mentioned M&A and other corporate movements, social and environmental matters, and new workplace circumstances causing by the pandemic as a main area of concentration.

More than 80% of the respondents think that societal behavior variation is happening during the pandemic to become more or less the new standard. Most workers are working from home and it has become their habit that can decrease the traveling expenditure. These developments as well as nearly half of the surveyed businesses’ preferences of sustainability to alleviate the climate changes, and they will rely most on digital technology and digital channel elasticity in the next years. This indicates that progress in digital ways in serving the customers will be significant.

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