WhatsApp Is Rolling Out The “New Archive” Feature and The Wishes of Its Users Are Coming True

WhatsApp is one of the best applications for free instant messaging and the platform is in use of millions of people from around the world who rely on it for communication and socialization with their friends and families. The messaging giant realizes the big impact it holds in the lives of so many and hence the company works very hard day in and out to provide their customers with the best possible features. The company launches new and unique tools every now and then and also updates its previous features frequently.

Starting from this week, WhatsApp his rolling out yet another new feature which is called the “New Archive”. The company has updated this feature through the Google Play Store Beta Program and this will be available in the version (and onward) but to only some specific Android 11 users currently, as reported by BeeBom.

This archive feature has been long awaited by the WhatsApp community, however in case you do not know what it is, let us enlighten you.

How many times have you been annoyed that when you archive a chat box of a specific someone it appears back onto the main chat screen once they send you a new message and you think” Hey WhatsApp, I archived that for some reason don’t show that to me again” because it may possibly make your finger itch to open the conversation in case you are avoiding them or want to forget about them at times. However, the dream of yours is coming to reality with the launch of the new archive feature.

WhatsApp in this new archive features will allow your chats to remained archive even when a new message pops up. When a chat is moved to the new archive, it will be automatically muted and you won’t receive any notification when new messages arrive. If you want to enable this option, all you have to do is just go to your WhatsApp Settings > Chats. If you see an option called “Keeps chats archived”, you can toggle it to enable it.

Once you decide to enable this option, the archived chat cell will be moved at the top of your chat list, indicating how many chats are in your archive that have new messages in and the same option will also be available in the archive section, so you can easily reach it there without exploring WhatsApp Settings.

In case you do not want to enable this option, let your WhatsApp be just the way it and it will work the same as before where archived chats will pop back up once a new message arrives.

Currently, this feature is only rolled out for specific beta users and the roll out is slow similar to all the previous roll outs WhatsApp had so it may take some time to update on your phone. In case you realize you do not have this feature but you have updated to the required version of WhatsApp, it will come along with the next update.

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  1. I hate this feature that pops my Archive count right at the top, even higher than my pinned chats. Doesn't make sense. There's no setting to undo this. Super annoying. Why would i want to know my archive chats count?!!!

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