WhatsApp Tests a Feature Which Prevents Chats from Unarchiving

Has it ever happened to you that you are trying to avoid the messages of people on WhatsApp or you do not want to see the chat box of a certain set of people on your screen but you cannot delete their number too. What do you do? You archive the chats so you do not have to face their delivered messages or see their chat box.

As much as we all love the archiving feature, the biggest drawback it has on WhatsApp is that once a new message comes after you have archived the chat, the chat box immediately pops up back on your WhatsApp home screen, but worry not WhatsApp is working towards fixing that as well, finally!

A news recently came in that WhatsApp is working towards improving the archive feature to stop it from unarchiving back again and again when a new message arrives. The feature when planned was called “Vacation Mode” but during development was renamed to “Read Later” and then to “Archive Chats” again like the original version and that is the name being acquired by the company.

The feature when introduced will display your archive chats the same place it does now but instead of unarchiving back when the new messages arrive it will stay at the same place. But how will you know if the person archived has messaged you or not? Well, WhatsApp enlightened the public that the archive chats will show the same message count as you do on normal chats on your WhatsApp. The counter will appear written in front of the archived chats on the top of the main page of your WhatsApp screen and you will know that you have a message in the archived box and then can reply if you want to.

The feature will be available for WhatsApp beta for Android in the coming time.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is still under testing and development processing. WhatsApp is preparing some UI improvements for the Archived Chats cell, that will be visible only if you have any chats in your archive. The feature when introduced will not be updated by default. It will give you full control over whether or not you want to use this feature on your WhatsApp. Whatever option you choose can later be changed in the settings as well, because WhatsApp is allowing full user control over this feature.

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