Google News has launched Showcase Program in India with 30 news publishers at a crucial time when the country is trying to get rid of fake information surrounding the deadliest COVID wave

India is right now going through the second deadliest wave of COVID-19 and every day more than 200,000 new cases are emerging. Recently, Google search launched some updates on the news of the COVID-19 vaccine on its platform to help the people of India. Now Google has introduced its showcase news platform in the country with 30 national news publishers at such a crucial time when the people in the region are trying to get authentic information as the crisis of COVID-19 is increasing day by day.

The people of India are depending too much on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get authentic information about the vaccines due to the shortage of medical supplies as the hospitals are full of patients and it has become very difficult for the people to find Oxygen. Google will make the payment to the publishers for their online content and will allow them to curate it while allowing users restricted access to paywalled stories, however, it did not disclose further financial details. Google revealed a $1 billion licensing program to assist publishers and surface new card-based content through services a prior year.

These efforts have signed more than 700 deals with news publications in Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Czechia, the UK, and India. The news showcase will work with 30 local, and regional news publishers and organizations. The swipe-able news showcase panel will be seen on Google discover, and News will be published in English language and Hindi. Google said that it will bring more language in the near future so that more people can take the benefits. The second most populated country is going through the second deadliest wave of COVID-19 and according to sources, more than 25 million cases have come. The government of India has also been at odds with giant social media platforms and prior month, the government asked Twitter to remove dozens of tweets that were critical of its control of the virus epidemic.

The services of Google regarding the pandemic were launched globally during the last year and now it has been in use over more than 12 countries. Google, conducted by Sundar Pichai has agreed to $18 million in new aid for India, including advertising assistance for public health promotions. Google news program is working to improve digital skills in newsroom and journalism schools all over India in the next 3 years. The news lab will educate more than 50,000 journalists and students on digital instruments to help with preventing fake information and fact-checking.

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