CloudFlare estimates we waste 500 years per day on Internet to prove we are humans, and proposes a new security alternative to get rid of CAPTCHA madness

You may have come across CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) that is different types of tests and puzzles that you have to take ahead of logging in to the service. The test includes selecting the businesses from the pictures or selecting the bikes, boats, or traffic lights, etc. Many people get irritated when they come across such type of ridiculous tests. The basic aim of this service is to confirm that the service taker is human, not a bot. These CAPTCHA increase the security of the digital services, but a higher cost is also included with this system. According to data, an average human takes almost 32 seconds to finish this CAPTCHA test and there are almost 4.6 billion internet users from all over the world. According to an estimate, a typical internet user sees CAPTCHA test approximately 1 time in 10 days.
"This very simple back of the envelope math equates to somewhere in the order of 500 human years wasted every single day — just for us to prove our humanity.", explained Thibault Meunier in a blog post

Cloudflare, which is popular as a provider of DNS services, wants to get rid of the madness of this CAPTCHA tests across all websites with the latest security system. Cloudflare wants to replace CAPTCHA with a new system that can confirm that you are a human by looking or tapping the device with the help of a system called “Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood”. So far it only maintains a few numbers of USB security keys such as YubiKeys, but you can check Cloudflare’s system for yourself at the moment on the website of the company.

The persons who tried this new system said that it works perfectly, all they have to do is tapping the “I am Human” beta option on the website of the company, and then by going through a few prompts to choose a security key, and then clicking it, and then enabling the site to access the make and model of the safety key. This system also waved some persons through. Going through the entire new system takes few seconds but you can easily get yourself rid of the grainy photos of buses, or bus-alike objects. This new system will also give some benefits to those persons who have visual problems and are not able to complete the CAPTCHA test in the existing form.

Cloudflare says that this new system is still in test, however, it will be launched on a constrained basis only in the regions having the English language there. This new system only works within a narrow set of hardware like YubiKeys, Hyper FIDO keys, and Thetis FIDO U2F keys. Cloudflare says that it will add other verifiers soon, that could possibly extend to your mobiles. Google now treats both iPhones and Android mobiles as real security keys and if both Google and Apple collaborate in the system of Cloudflare, it can substantially lessen the barrier to entry into the latest system as everybody knows that smartphone is more popular than security keys.

One critic said that the system of Cloudflare can be a bad solution because the verification does not prove anything if someone is using a device, it can only tell the model of the device, however, cannot confirm whether the user is human. Cloudflare also accepted in a blog that even a drinking bird can tap the touch sensor on the security key and pass the verification test. CAPTCHA also expects that the owner of the website wants some unknown traffic, but the mysterious identity may be inappropriate if a website has your real identity through login details that you have given. With recent changes in Apple’s iOS update 14.5, it is expected that the providers of the websites will switch to login anyways. The world is not having a passwordless future yet but the new system of Cloudflare can be the first step in this regard.

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