Viewers now spent more than 1 Billion hours watching YouTube on TV screens everyday

For the first time, 120 million were reported to watch YouTube content on big screens only in December 2020. The Brandcast of 2021 was concentrated on highlighting its TV screen scope, stressing its status as a true rival for traditional Tv, and battling strongly for the ad dollars advertisers would usually invest on conventional networks, just as it demonstrated at the 2019 and 2020 NewFronts.

In between the presentation, Alan Thygesen, Google's president of the Americas, stated that even those who bargained decent prices are spending bulk for nothing each year. This is a unique opportunity, a chance to restart and reevaluate from scratch. For a beginner who is beginning from scratch, the best option is to go with streaming and start growing focusing on what content audience is spending more time.

YouTube’s viewership for the month of December disclosed that each passing day, over 1 billion hours are being spent on screens by the viewers. It was a significant rise in watching hours as compared to 450 million hours in June 2020 and 250 million hours in December 2019.

According to the website, YouTube attracted more viewers that are in between 18 to 49 years in September 2020, that all the traditional networks would not have done collectively. Although, it is important mentioning that Roku's NewFronts presentation focused on the significant rise in March viewership by streaming companies in 2021, whereas traditional network ratings declined.

Following these figures, YouTube announced new ad services that will enable advertisers to directly target TV audiences. Brand Extensions, for example, permit viewers to transfer details about an advertisement on their TV screen to their mobile. As informed by YouTube, brand owners can keep an eye on the conversation held between the viewer and the brand extension directly in Google Ads. It is expected that those will become available worldwide anytime in 2021.

YouTube Select Sponsorships is yet one other new ad service for advertisers in the United States. There are huge amount of advertising space that are based around a particular holiday or spiritual occasion during the year. The diversity of the holiday lineup indicates advertisers have a far broader range of ways to promote diverse cultures and issues, and hit their viewers where they are enjoying, according to YouTube. YouTube states that select sponsorships have become accessible through advance agreements and promotions. The whole point is to bring up with innovative ideas to approach targeted audience and get profit in exchange. This will help advertisers to invest less and earn more than that.

Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Image
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