TikTok Talks About Advertisement And Creators In NewFronts 2021 Convention

In a conference held at the 2021 NewFronts, TikTok embellished upon its importance in establishing current trends and cultural cornerstones, in attempts to drive further advertising on the platform.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s NewFronts, or just NewFronts for short, is the advertising hub for all digital marketing pros. It is a massive conference, held over multiple days, featuring industry heavy hitters such as Amazon and YouTube, along with other less popular yet incredibly professional names such as Digitas. The conference’s point is rather simple: allow a platform to all of these brands and companies, where they may tout both current and future projects and achievements to media buyers. Essentially, it’s akin to one of the biggest marketing campaigns ever seen, right up there with Super Bowl advertisements.

This is TikTok’s second appearance at NewFronts, and the company did not come meekly. To be fair, there was very little chance of it coming off as such either. TikTok’s become one of the biggest marketing pulls around in a comparatively short time. It’s advertising potential knows no bounds, what with the video-sharing platform catering to over 689 million monthly active users. Even better, at least from an advertiser’s perspective, TikTok’s user base is majorly comprised of young individuals, who are more active and involved with current trends and social culture, and thus are also big spenders. It’s quite the jackpot that the Chinese-based social media site has dug up for itself. Despite a number of issues the platform has faced over the years, with bans from countries such as India and a steely relationship with the US, TikTok’s soldiering on strong as ever.

Official statements and pre-recorded statements from higher-ups in TikTok actively pressed on the platform’s market potential, and highly encouraged brands to join the platform. There’s a lot of evidence to back up such statements as well. With prevalent hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, the almost constant resurgence of old songs and albums, or more bizzarely, the mass sale of leggings across America owing to a viral video about Aerie leggings, what hasn’t the platform encouraged? Every time a user steps onto the place, some viral trend or the other is sweeping the place. And while they’re very often dances or duets, they’re also often linked to tangible, consumerist items or ideals.

TikTok’s other topic for discussion during the conference was it’s further commitment to content creators on the platform. Chris Eyerman, the head of TikTok’s Creative Lab in North America, even went as far as to urge brands to consider their footing on the platform. He postulated that in order to establish an optimal ad-friendly environment on the platform, brands needed to earn the trust of creators and users, instead of the other way around.

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