YouTube's linked TV advertising will be more shoppable thanks to a new update

Advertisers got a quick glimpse at YouTube's ideas to turn its video platforms shoppable. YouTube is deciding to release a new collaborative feature targeted at marketers that will enable YouTube viewers to get more details on the product being displayed on their screens without directing to any other link.

In the Connected TV video ad (featured below), marketers will be able to display their website reference or another contact using the latest ad format. After which, the user will be given an option to transfer to phone that will transmit the promotional ad or URL to their mobile device without even interfering them while watching videos. The user then continue shopping on the mobile phone similar to how it is done usually, adding items to the cart, then checkout to fill up the required details, and completing the payment. Rather than pausing the video and complete purchasing a product, they can do whenever they are willing to interact with the product detail.

Advertisers would intelligently target the advertisements to the right audience by focusing on the video content. A brand extension ad showing a new set of sports shoes may appear in a fitness video.

According to YouTube, the conversations between the brand extensions can explicitly be tracked by the advertisers in the Google Ads. These are only a couple of the initiatives YouTube has undertaken in order to broaden its e-commerce offerings.

Many video shopping websites such as Popshop Live, NTWRK, ShopShops, TalkShopLive, Bambuser, and others, have sprung up to cater to today's consumers, especially younger Generation Z users who prefer to watch videos and interact while shopping. When comparing to Instagram, Facebook has focused more in live and video-based shopping.

Nonetheless, TikTok has become a hub of video-based shopping. In the past couple of months, Walmart joined hands with TikTok to host various shopping livestreams. TikTok has received a huge success with e-commerce as they had more resources that could direct the viewers to the links that have incorporated the products.

However, according to Comscore numbers, YouTube seems to have a significant viewing market for video shopping, as it accounts for 40% of all ad-supported streaming channels' watch time. Just two of the top five streaming services in the United States, which account for 80% of the linked TV industry, are ad-supported, according to YouTube.

YouTube ads are not the only method of getting e-commerce flow. Content creators also have a significant part to play. YouTube claims that the latest brand extension advertisements are just the beginning with more immersive features on the way. It is expected that this function will be rolled out worldwide by the end of the year.
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