Google Will Push More Users To Enable Two-Factor Authentication To Keep Their Accounts More Secure

Google has always come up with the most amazing features, tools and applications for its users and the tech giant has a large following to it which relies on the company’s products and tools for so many of their tasks online. The tech giant realizes the impact it plays in its users' life and therefore works harder every day to provide the users a friendlier and secured environment on their applications.

Following this same thought, Google is about to take yet another huge step that will define its concerns related to its user’s security. The tech giant recently announced that it is going to enroll its users in a two-step verification or two factor authentication by default ad according to the tech giant this action will take place only when the user’s accounts are “appropriately configured.”

When this two factor verification or authentication will go live it will then send users a pop up message on their smart phones asking them if the attempted log in made from a specific device on their Google account is verified and legitimate. In simple words it will ask you if the log in is being made by you.

Questions as to why the prompt will appear on the user’s smartphones to which the Google’s senior director of product management, Mark Risher said that using their mobile device to sign in gives people a safer and more secure authentication experience than passwords alone and according to him on-phone alerts are more secure than SMS messages, which can be intercepted therefore the messages for verification will not come through SMS.

Google is very concerned about the privacy of its users and makes sure that they keep the accounts secured. This new initiative is a part of the company’s thinking where they believe that one day you should not need a password at all to keep our accounts secured and other people out of it as relying on passwords is a risk in itself. Why is that? Because according to Google, 66 percent of Americans still admit to using the same password across multiple sites, which makes all those accounts vulnerable if any one falls and hence the company wants to make a system where even if someone accesses your password they stay out of your account.

The company on this further stated that even if this new two-step verification does not sit well with you in terms of keeping your account secured and you are still concerned, users can always adopt a physical security key like those from YubiKey, or Google’s own Titan, as another way to safeguard your account. Apart from this Google has provides the option for Android smartphones to serve as a security key, which started back in 2019 and since then has been extended to iPhones as well.

Google advises customers to go through the company’s quick security checkup to ensure their settings and account protections are where they should be.

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