Users are now allowed to display Google docs, sheets, and slides during Google Meet calls

Google recently revealed Smart canvas innovations at I/O 2021 that is meant to improve the connectivity of different professional tools of the company. Google has focused on Google Meet to improve its features as the ongoing lockdown situation held people to work as much online as possible. Google meet now allows host to display slides, sheets, and Docs in between the meeting.

Instead of sharing Doc files separately, the meeting host can now present the files and other material to the participants directly. Whatever a host want to display be it Google doc, slides, or sheets, “present to a meeting” option will be present at the top front of Docs, slides, or sheets. Every meeting this is planned to happen in the future will be displayed on it. To avail this feature, a code is required that can be entered individually every time a meeting starts or one can set a default code that will going to be active automatically. In the second case, an option will be provided as “Present tabs to the meeting.” This option will let the user selects other tabs, or display entire screen to the meeting.

According to Google, everyone can portray their presentations in the middle of the Google web meeting without disturbing the whole session. Files, documents, slides, sheets and more can be directly presented to the meeting. Without disturbing the flow of the meeting and focus of whole team, everything can be shared.

Google is preparing to integrate Google Meet in the upcoming months. Now, users do not have to worry about closing and opening of the call while changing files and tabs. All these apps become easily accessible in between calls. To attend a meeting there is no need to leave the present app, through settings appearing in the side bar the meeting will be automatically received.

Workspace members strategize the whole feature that include involvement of Gmail to make it accessible. With the latest update, users are now able to avoid interruptions while working as they do not have to switch the tabs and stay focused.

With Smart canvas a lot of features have been updated to change the working game to a whole new level. Like the upgrade to add @-mentions displays a list of preferred individuals, files, and meetings along with the contact details, job descriptions, and location. This will help to access documents without leaving the current tab.

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