Google finally figured out a solution for people who keep sending photos in emails

Have you ever received photos in your emails and the manual work following that seems excruciating? Google has a solution for you.

Google creates some of its apps to work in harmony to give you a much better experience. An example of such would be Gmail and Google drive, as Gmail lets you directly access your drive. To add to the list of conjunctions, Google has now decided to incorporate several links between Google photos and Gmail as well. Well, after the recent bomb regarding the closure of unlimited storage of Google Photos, this was quite delightful news.

What Google has in stock for you this time is that you can now save pictures to both the applications - Google photos as well as Google drive. However, the outcome of the service isn't as thoroughgoing as expected, which did not surprise us at all. As with all tech applications, the subject in question has its ups and downs but what we're all curious about is whether those pros will manage to outweigh the cons.

Now, you can easily move pictures from Gmail to Google photos without any complexities as you have been doing for a while with Google drive. The only prime necessity is having access to this feature and once you do, it is indeed a piece of cake!

If you’re saving the thumbnail directly from the email, just hover above it and you’ll be presented with a Photos icon accompanying the Drive feature. Simply save and Viola! Google also kept the full-screen option the same as before as the option to save to Photos is right on the top alongside the Drive icon on the overflow menu.

The reason behind giving access to Photos when you already have the Drive feature, as Google indicates, is because many people do not have access to drive. Even if they do, they find it a hassle to then save pictures from there for further use. This resulted in a few discontent murmurs and Google just had to fix even the slightest concerns. As a result, this feature was created and indeed people are hushed and happy.

Now that we've discussed all the good, here's a little bad too that prevents the feature from being considered 'perfect'. Firstly, the feature only serves Desktop users for now and there's no telling if we'll get to bless our mobiles with it as well. This was evident through their recent post confirming the availability of this feature. The second feature that caused many disgruntled mutters is that the feature does not support all kinds of formats. As you guessed, only JPEG files are supported to date.

For mobile users, it's quite saddening to inform you that you would still have to take the manual route until there’s any further news which we hope will be soon.

Google indeed played up with this one and users are more than happy. The feature is going to be implemented starting today and has a roll-out of 15 days which seems like a long time since we can’t wait to try it out.

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