Pinterest Reveals the Transparency Report for The Second Half of 2020 and The Results Shows Good Efforts by The Platform

Pinterest is one of the most aesthetic applications out there with the best images to make your creative mind roll for ideas. The application has a large number of users that rely on it and considering all this the employees at the company make sure that the platform remains a harm free and positive place full of happy vibes for everyone.

The content discovery engine revealed its Transparency report for the last quarter of 2020 on the last Thursday of May 2021 and from that report it can be concluded that the Pinterest has done a remarkable job in maintaining a great space online for their users because less than only 0.02 percent of users reported a Pin every month claiming that it violated the apps purpose, and eventually those reported Pins were deactivated from the application.

Pinterest in the report gave an overview of Pins which were removed before being reported by any user through the company’s great AI technology responsible for overviewing content which may violate its policy and immediately remove it. In the report, the tech giant informed users that the most content that was removed immediately was of conspiracy theories on the platform which were removed 91 percent by the application itself without any reports. Followed by Self-injury and harmful behavior was removed 90%, the Medical misinformation specially related to the pandemic and its vaccines was removed by 85%, Harassment and criticism was removed 78% to avoid bullying. The least removal was Adult sexual services which was standing at 10 percent.

The tech giant than enlightened about the content removal after the reporting of users and the most content that was removed after user reports fell in the category of Adult contents in which around 155’313 pins were removed, 1,854 Pins of content promoting Self-injury and harmful behavior was removed while the least was hateful activities on the platform in which only 421 posts were removed in between October to December 2020.

In October to December of 2020, the highest number of boards which were removed from the platform for breaking its policy was for boards containing Adult content in which almost over 50’000 pins were deactivated while the least number of spam boards were removed which were only 2.

Accounts were also removed for violating the apps privacy and policies and the most accounts which were almost 3,115,438 were removed for spam while the least number of accounts which were removed according to the report were because of Graphic violence and threats and that were only 11 in number.

According to the report, government agencies had also reported the withdrawal of almost 4078 posts from which almost 3684 requests were approved while the remaining number of posts were restricted by the company.

The report reveals how well Pinterest is managing their content and how efficiently harmful content is removed from the application. Kudos to the team for this.

Image credit: SOPA Images | Getty Images

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