US Consumers Claim they aren't Addicted to their Smartphones + More Interesting Findings

Smartphone addiction is real and the ongoing pandemic has made us realize this. A ReviewsOrg survey carried out last year revealed that three out of four people found themselves addicted to their smartphones.

While it was initially assumed that things would get more severe as the lockdown restrictions got tighter, a surprising development ended up making things more interesting. The 2021 survey by the same company claims that only 48% of the respondents consider that they are addicted to their mobile.

However, the above-mentioned decline is understandable. For starters, US citizens have found themselves using mobile gadgets lesser while in cars since they are going from one place to another less frequently. Additionally, they no longer worry about leaving their mobile behind since they have stopped going out that often.

But the above-mentioned findings do not deny that people are still addicted to their smartphones. In 2021, an average American checks their phone about 262 times. Last year, this average was estimated at 160.

Even though the survey respondents believe that they aren’t as addicted to their phones as they were last year, the numbers are still quite interesting. About 8 in 10 (80%) said they continue to check their phones right after waking up. Moreover, 54% stated they still freak out when their battery is low (<20%). Also, 62% can’t sleep without their mobile devices. Take a look at below graphics for more amazing stats:
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