A recent survey conducted tells how many people believe in the 5G conspiracies that have made their way all over the place

Many technology companies over the years have tried on to make the 5G connection available. Many succeeded and some are still trying to do so. Verizon was the first company ever who launched the first 5G service out into the world in October of 2018. Slowly but surely things are taking a turn and 5G has been introduced to multiple countries till now, but are we the people who won’t make a fuss out of something that is new and much more compatible? When the technology rolled out, there have been so many conspiracies made till now that it seems hard to even count them all up.

We hear stuff about different things on a daily basis, but do we really believe on them quickly? No, we don’t. One of the most heard conspiracies related to 5G was that it causes cancer, and that might seem believable but it is not true at all. InMyArea's research team recently conducted a survey that included 991 people to find out how many people hear about these conspiracies related to 5G and how many actually do believe in them. According to the survey, around 50 percent of the people heard that 5G causes cancer and out of those 10 percent actually believe in it. 36 percent of the people have heard that 5G spreads COVID and 6 percent out of the people believe in that, 35 percent have heard that China is actually using 5G to spy on Americans and 13 percent believe that. 32 percent of the people have heard that Bill Gates is using 5G to brainwash Americans and 10 percent out of the 32 percent believe on that.

COVID lockdowns are imposed so that 5G towers can be secretly installed, 30 percent have heard that while 9 percent out of those people actually believe in this, which is really insensitive on many levels too. 5G can kill birds, 29 percent of the people hear this and 19 percent believe it. 22 percent of people have heard that 5G causes autism and 10 percent of the people believe that. 20 percent people have heard that 5G damages trees and plants and 24 percent of the people believe that. 15 percent people have heard that the UN is trying to depopulate the planet by using 5G and out of those 15 percent of the population 15 percent believe on this.

No one knows how to erase these believes as they have been far too etched into the people’s brains. We can really hope that people start viewing 5G as a much needed necessity for them and not as the enemy.
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