Twitter Might Be Bringing Its Verified Program Back Rather Soon, And Is Also Rolling Out A Search Feature For DMs

A new update to Twitter may finally see the long anticipated return of the Verification program. In other news another addition to the interface will allow users to search through their DMs to find specific messages.

The Verified sticker has had a lot of commotion surrounding it. The program was started by Twitter as a way of establishing the validity of well known and respected peers from their own niches and communities. It was meant to be handed out to the likes of celebrities, scholars, scientists, and in general experts with a large enough following to warrant the online identification. That idea, unfortunately, well by the wayside very rapidly as users on the platform started to complain about the sense of elitism Verified icons lent themselves to. Not to mention that people quickly caught on that most users getting Verified approval were famous celebrities and internet personalities. Instead of the more well-rounded program Twitter had sold its userbase on, Verified stickers just validated users with a certain amount of fame, ignoring renowned experts and specialists from other fields. The backlash ultimately led to Twitter completely stopping the program in 2017, stating that it needed to be revised before any further action could be taken. Careful deliberation would obviously be needed to not generate the same controversy as last time, and that deliberation has taken the platform over 3 years.

Well, reports are now floating on the internet that the Verified program might be restarting by next week! The initial report was shared by social media researcher Jane Manchum Wong, accompanied by screenshots of what the process will look like. Users will be filling out an online form, signifying their field of work and role within that field, before submitting it to Twitter for screening and, ultimately, verification. While this news should not be taken too seriously, as the verification program was supposed to launch in January 2021 and failed to do so, the mere news of its return might get people online excited. At any rate, we do hope the process will be quicker and more accepting of users outside of celebrity and influencer status.

On the other end of news, Twitter is rolling out the ability for users to go through their DMs via a search tool. Much like how the tool would work on the likes of SMS or WhatsApp, typing in words used in a specific message into the search bar will let users single out messages they're looking for. And honestly, it's about time. Twitter's DM culture has expanded to becoming a commonplace medium for online conversation. With such an influx of messages, sorting them out becomes an abysmal task at some point. And for Android users, for the nonce, that task will now become easier. Twitter's developers have stated that the new addition to its interface can be expected within the year.

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