Instagram Is Testing A Feature That Allows You To Follow Someone From Your Other Account While Being Logged In To A Different One

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform on this planet and the application has a huge following to it. The tech giant understands that many people rely on their platform as a means of socializing and keeping themselves entertained and therefore the tech giant works day in and out to launch new features for their application and update the old ones in unique styles to keep users entertained and make the application a user friendly place for everyone.

The tech giant is rolling out a new feature on the application which is a great thing for users who have multiple accounts. The tech giant in this new feature has made some changes on the follow button. How many times have this happened to you that you find someone on one account and you want to send them a follow request but not from that account but the other one you have and then you have to go through the hassle of logging out, then logging into the other account, find that person and send a request. Takes a long time no? Well, the tech giant realized that and took some action.

In case any user owns multiple accounts (we know this is the case mostly for brands social media managers) and they want to follow somebody but from another account. The app will now give you the option to send a request from your other account while still being logged in from your main account. How is this possible?

Well, when users will tap on the follow button now, the application will open a small pop up in which it will ask from which of your existing accounts do the user wants to send follow request from and you can also send follow requests from two or more accounts at the same time. The limit of sending requests at the same time is from five accounts only though.

This feature is currently hidden and not available to the public and was brought to the audience eyes by Matt Navarra@WFBrother and Alessandro Paluzzi who are known to unleash the hidden features that are yet to be launched.

This is a great feature for those who run multiple accounts or have separate ones for friends and family or have a main or spam. The tech giant has always excited the public and lived up to our expectations with the new features they launch and we are sure this feature will be just as amazing and so will the features they will launch in the future. We are sure it has a lot hidden in store for us.

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