Telegram And WhatsApp Decide To Duke It Out Over Twitter, With A Cameo Appearance From Signal

In an interesting and utterly baffling, if not also hilarious, Twitter thread, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal attempted at below the belt blows regarding each other's privacy policies.

This isn't the first time we've seen brands go up against each other. Brands have caught up to smarter marketing tactics, presenting themselves with a more human and regular online persona. Naturally, what with the current internet landscape, this often results in many of them engaging in ribbing each other or clap-backs. Examples include McDonalds and Wendy's going at each other almost mercilessly. Or Wendy's' Twitter feed as a whole, even. Then again, such marketing techniques only work to an extent. Soon enough, the general online userbase caught up to the act of Big Corp. companies attempting to make themselves appear friendlier, and pushed back with memes like "Silence, Brand", and the like. All of this is to say that ultimately, when a brand does end up producing a ray of non-manufactured legitimate content, it often comes across as a sight for sore eyes. It's even better when that piece of content is a full-blown online argument.

Such is how the day started for whoever manages Telegram's Twitter profile. Starting off by literally calling WhatsApp "trash", accompanied by a visual demonstration is arguably a power move.
It also did not strike the right chord with WhatsApp, since it's Twitter account responded in gusto. The company (or sullen 12 year old, pick your favorite) responded by making fun of Telegram's lack of a default end-to-end encrypted chat system.

Which is kind of weak as a comeback, making fun of a feature being present but not being the default setting, but I digress. Telegram's response ended up making fun of how WhatsApp claims that their chats are end-to-end encrypted, and yet still stores a user's private messages. WhatsApp's (currently) final response was to drop meme templates altogether, reaffirming that it did no such thing and maintained user privacy. The final hat thrown into the arena came from Signal of all places, replying to WhatsApp's and slyly stating that now would be a good time for users to switch to privacy.

If you would like to take a minute from this absolutely insane exchange between social media handlers that are most probably adults, go ahead.

Honestly, giving WhatsApp a hard time online isn't even a difficult thing to either do or condemn. The company's facing a constant stream of criticism since it's declaration of enforcing a privacy policy that would send user data to companies such as Facebook. From there on, all sorts of users online have been poking holes into literally every claim of legitimacy WhatsApp may or may not have tried to establish. Facebook's been thrown a lot under the rug as well, but that's more or less a regular day for the company at this point. At any rate, it just goes to show that users nowadays just cannot get enough of clap-back culture and online beef. Even if they're the ones initiating.

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