Twitter is rolling out its new “Tip Jar” feature that will allow users to donate to their favorite influencers, but for now only a few accounts are able to receive money

Twitter is one of the biggest micro-blogging platforms in the world where many users can also run their business, learn something, and create content for others. This could be great news for the content creators that Twitter has officially introduced the next stage of its creator’s payment program in the form of a new feature “Tip Jar” in which users will be able to send money or donate to their favorite influencers as a mean to support their efforts that they put in while making the content. However, only a few accounts are able yet to receive the money from the users, but the users who are using this platform in the English language can now send their funds to their favorite accounts.

Twitter decided to test this feature in favor of creators because they were linking their PayPal accounts and adding $Cashtags and Venmo handles with their profile so that people support them financially. The idea is beyond just becoming a follower or tweeting or liking their accounts. Other platforms like YouTube have also this feature in which the subscribers can donate the creators through Super Chat while they are live streaming, and this is the best idea to support their work. Many youngsters are getting inspiration to create their own content, especially during the quarantine situation.

This feature will be rolled out on mobile apps of Android and iOS devices and this will be easy to use. In the beginning, only a selected group including creators, journalists, and non-profits can turn on the Tip Jar feature to accept the donations from the users. To turn this feature on, you can go to the option of Edit Profile on Twitter for iOS and Android app, then click the Tip Jar feature, and then go to the setting, tap on the allow tips on and then select the third-party service that you would like to get. But one thing you must keep in mind that when you try to add a third-party payment service to your profile, your username on that service will be publicly connected to the account of Twitter.

There are some issues that are highlighted by Rachel Tobac that sending funds through PayPal using the feature of Tip jar currently permits whoever is sending the money to see the recipient’s address, which is fretting security issue that PayPal and Twitter will solve soon. The support center of Twitter accepted the issue and tweeted that it was updating our tipping prompt and Help center to make it transparent that other apps may share information between people sending or receiving the funds are as per the terms.

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