Twitter receives thousands of responses over the rules for moderating world leaders on its platform

The microblogging network, Twitter received an overwhelming response to a survey it conducted on how the world leaders available on this platform should be handled as said by the spokeswoman for Twitter on Tuesday. Ahead of return of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, this issue had been in spotlight.

Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter after the Capitol riots back on January 6th. In March, Twitter started to ask its general public for how the platform should deal with world leaders whenever they break the rules or crosses the guidelines, whether they should be treated like other users and what type of action should be taken in such situation.

As a result to these queries, the app received almost 49000 responses in 14 different languages globally, revealed by the spokeswoman. The questions being asked in the month long survey were like whether the Leaders of the world should face greater consequences or lesser as compared to other users if they break any rule made by the company. Twitter also asked if it was acceptable for the platform to permanently ban the accounts of on post prime minister or president.

The survey was not just based on direct questions, but instead it also had some hypothetical scenarios as well such as taking suggestions that what should Twitter do incase their president Tweets a misinformation regarding Covid-19 or a person from another country , candidate for post of national head of agriculture tweets that the military is going to destroy a targeted group of people. The options that were available for the multiple choice questions ranged from “take no action” to “permanently suspend the account immediately” so the engagement with the tweet can be restricted.

Twitter cleared that the ban on former President’s account will remain affective due to the risk for inciting violence, even if he goes back in the run for office once again . Facebook is also holding up its decision on this case that whether the Trump's account should be kept upheld for an indefinite period. According to Facebook, it got more than 9000 comments on former President’s case more than any other and such response has lead to a delay in announcing the final decision to be taken by the social media giant. The video sharing hub, YouTube said that the ban will be lifted from Trump’s account if the risk for violence in real world has been determined to decrease. Currently, both Facebook and Twitter hold rules that allow the world leaders, political candidates and elected officials to have a leverage over normal users.

Twitter hosts 199 million daily active and has run public surveys for its policies before and has also been taking suggestions with civil society groups, academic and human rights experts to review its rules for world leaders. Facebook is also seeking recommendations from its board for suspending accounts of political leaders.

H/T: Reuters

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