Twitter is experimenting with its new ‘Super Follower’ feature before official release

Recently many social sites have started bringing out features that allows fans to support their favorite creators through a recurring monthly subscription and tipping. Facebook has this feature for a while now, where users can pay a monthly subscription to their favorite creators and get a supporter’s badge. The supporters badge comes with a lot of benefits that include content and live videos that only supporters have access to, Twitter has also started working on similar features, Twitter is now working on a display count that will show the number of “super followers” on your profile. This super followers sight will give the users a quick summary of the specific amount of people paying the profile.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the number of super followers will be displayed on the Twitter profile beside the number of regular followers, this will inspire the people that are your regular usual followers to subscribe and become a super follower for content and tweets that are limited to super followers only.

This new follow feature by Twitter will give creators an option to earn good money from the platform by taking a subscription fee to provide super followers with extra exclusive content and engagement. By subscribing for a fixed monthly amount, super follower will be given access to private spaces, get exclusive content and get discount on merchandise. This new feature will motivate many more creators and celebrities to get onto Twitter, which will get Twitter a lot of content while also increase its use amongst people as the super followers will return back to Twitter to check out the profiles they have subscribed to.

The sudden growth of TikTok and the impacts of the COVID-19 virus pushed a lot of social sites to look back and improve their creator monetization options, doing this would help both the social site to protect its users and also encourage creators to use their platform.

This news about the launch of this super follower display on the profile of Twitter users was quite shocking for people as Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey showed a dislike towards the display of followers. While attending a session in 2018 at fireside, Dorsey said that he wanted to decrease the importance of followers count as it no longer is the right focus for social media engagement. Dorsey said that when you open Twitter and see a low follower count, it actually makes you want to increase that number while your main focus should be the amount of genuine and meaningful interactions you are having on the platform. Jack also said that focusing more on the number of the followers will make people tweet more fake information and polarizing content in order to gain the maximum fame and get followers for their account. Dorsey thinks that giving importance to the follower count promotes toxic and decisive behavior on the platform.

Following the statement by Jack Dorsey, Twitter reduced the size of the font that shows the follower count on Twitter profiles, but now Twitter with the super follower’s feature, twitter is adding a brand new followers display on profiles.

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