Twitter shares more details on how the monetized feature ‘Spaces’ will work using ticketed spaces

Earlier this month, Twitter took to introducing their ‘Spaces’ feature, a live session available for those with at least 600 followers.

Using online platforms as a source of earning money has become an integral part of consumerism especially now with the ongoing pandemic. While all other platforms including Instagram and Facebook are incorporating ventures to attract users, Twitter decided to monetize their recent project, a virtual clubhouse that goes by the name of 'Spaces'.

The feature was introduced last year however is being tested in limited sections. Twitter claims Spaces is a way to bring people together to share tweets and thoughts nevertheless the biases of the restricted exposure make you think otherwise. To our surprise, a report from The Verge explained that only users in the US will be able to avail of the 'Ticketed Spaces' features initially while the possibility of having these slots accessible worldwide is still unknown.

Now, who would be able to benefit from these Ticketed Spaces? Only those with a following of at least 600 would incur the wonders of this Twitter-induced highlight while those having a following of at least 1000 would be able to host one. Furthermore, the users indulging in this should be of legal age, 18 years, and have hosted at least three spaces in the past 30 days.

Financially, this two-way benefitting venture will include an 80 percent revenue for the host with several Megacorporations getting a chunk as well including Apple, Google, and Stripe. These ticketed spaces would enable the users to charge people for entering their rooms. The personalization of the number of tickets being sold is in the hands of the host. This calls for a more personalized experience, creating the vulnerable environment that most users crave.

The micro-blogging site will take a 20 percent cut of the sales, leaving the host with a revenue of 80 percent. The revenue is a by-product of the in-app purchase fee deducted from the emolument by Apple and Google. The micro-blogging site has also partnered up with Stripe to manage all the finances on the platform hence according to Twitter, the 20-percent cut will help cover the cost of Stripe. This means that users will have to be required to make a Stripe account if they want to partake in these ticketed spaces.

Why would one want to pay for a room anyway? People crave vulnerability and a personal touch and these micromanaging sites have been seen taking advantage of that fact to create more personalized spaces where people can have real conversations about topics they care about the most. The arrival of this feature is the most-awaited juncture and we can't wait for it to launch.

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