Chrome Is Adding a Tweaked Google Discover Feed UI to Show More News Stories At A Glance

Google is without doubt one of the most used search engines in the world and as much as the public likes the search engine and its newly introduced features every now and then, sometimes they can be a little too much. Something just like this, is the public’s view on Google’s feature called their “Discover Feed”.

The Google Discover Feed is a very prominent feature on so many Google platforms, especially the Google App but that is not the only place where it is visible. The Discover Feed has been present on the Chrome as well and that too for a long time since the launch of Chrome 54 and the tech giant is now working to improve its Chrome 90 and 91 version as well as a part of its newest experiment. All in all, the tech giants main motive is to introduce it everywhere to make this feature as prominent to the users as it can get.

The changes are being brought in Chrome 90 mobile version's new tab page. The good folks over at Android Police have been reviewing a revamp version of the new tab page feature called “Start Surface” and the tech giant is launching a newer version of this same feature on Chrome 90 as well.

In this new update in the Chrome 90, the logo of Google and the search bar has been made smaller and is being moved to the top of the screen. The icons for the shortcuts to the most visited websites have been changed as well with two rows of 4 icons each to one single, scrollable, row, but that it’s now able to fit 12 icons instead of 8.

The new changes that are being brought about simply means that Google is trying to make its Discover option more visible to the users so that they can make better use of it. Further, other tests are also being performed right now but they are following the same pattern and tactic that is to minimize the font of the rest of the context on the screen while making the Discover Feed more enlarged and maximized which eventually takes a good part of your screen.

Google has always brought about the best features but with them trying so hard to promote the Discover Feed, it gets a little annoying. The tech giant should realize that since all their features have worked so well every time and Discover Feed is not, there must be a reason right?

If you are interesting in testing this feature simply head over to latest Chrome version on your mobile and enable the Start Surface flag from this page: chrome://flags/#enable-start-surface. And in case you don't like this new UI you can turn off the Discover feed altogether by taking the help from official help forum guide, here:

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