Twitter Releasing Spaces for Web Browsers for Desktops

As soon as any social network gets a massive recognition, other platforms make it their priority to create a similar working feature on their application which eventually increases competition. Twitter did something similar. As soon as Clubhouse, an audio only socialization feature got enough popularity other social media applications also introduced a similar feature of their own and that is how Twitter came up with Spaces.

Twitter launched “Spaces” which is a feature on its platform which lets users with over 600 followers a place to hold audio discussions which can be joined by a large number of people. Initially this platform was only accessible through the original application of Twitter on both iOS and Android smartphones. However, things are changing now as Twitter takes Spaces forward. The tech giant back in April announced that they are planning to launch the “Space” feature on the web versions of Twitter as well and now they have successfully come through with their plan.

The company announced that as of May 27th, Spaces for Twitter will be available on the web versions of desktops and tablets. Though this is a great news for users on desktops what needs to be known is that currently not all features will be accessible on the web browsers because the update is still in its beta version. This also means that users will only be able to join already existing audio chats and will not be able to create a space audio room through the web browser despite having more than 600 followers. However, the company has assured that this feature to create a space room through the web browser will hopefully be introduced near the end of this year.

The tech giant has also notified that the Twitter Spaces is not yet available to the Mac and iPad users, however the company is working on that feature as well.

If you are someone who has over 600 followers and you are interested in diving into this new Twitter Spaces feature all you need to do create a space is to open the Twitter app on the smartphone and then press on the Tweet button.

Spaces is available to all users on both Android and iOS while Clubhouse just introduced its Android version after iOS and though Clubhouse offers some limitations to their platform, Twitter Spaces have turned out to be a easier to use platform along with the fact that celebrities and creators have more followers on Twitter and there are chances they will choose Spaces over Clubhouse to hold conversation. Do you think all this will make Clubhouse loose the popularity it gained initially?

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