To mark the Mental Health Awareness Month, Facebook has rolled out new Emotional Health Resources on its platform

World Health Organization, WHO, showed in its recent studies that the ongoing Covid-19 situation has worsen the challenges faced by people and healthcare system globally. This pandemic has intervened or completely stopped the mental health services in over 93% countries. With the Covid-19 situation being continued and affecting more mental and emotional health, Facebook has decided to partner up with the leading experts around the world in mental health field. This partnering up will offer support and will also provide some new resources. The social media giant Facebook has introduced a new range for the emotional health resources so it can mark the initiation of the Awareness month for mental health which they have built on the existing range of tips for self help, exercises and some external links as well through the resource center available on this platform so it can support those who need it.

Facebook explained this in a statement that they have worked with the leading authorities all around the world in order to surface their resources while handling parenting support, financial stress, coping up with grief and loss and while taking care of the overall emotional mental health. Through this resource center, users will be able to get in contact with organizations, groups, can even contact a helpline or get in touch with a friend.

This shows that the newly made available resources includes a range for specific tips and exercises provided directly by the World Health Organization and through other official health bodies. The user is also allowed to search the Mental Health Center to provide support by particular topic meanwhile each of these elements possess a downloadable guide for better support and an option to get in contact with a real person so the users can share their concerns.

This new move is very well timed by Facebook and is really appreciable in the light of the increase in mental pressure with a world infected with Covid-19. There is no doubt that the major portion of the stress for the past years is a cumulative impact for the pandemic situation that has been going on for months and with no end to this situation is currently visible with no breaks present for planning trips and holidays. Situation like this affects everyone one way or another and in some cases it gets difficult to understand that where to look or how to achieve any kind relief so it can lower the stress level.

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