Amazon Viewership and Revenue Increases in The First Quarter of 2021 and The Future Looks Promising for the Company as Well

The first quarter of 2021 has proven to be great for Amazon in terms of its reach as the company recently announced that its ad-supported streaming video content now reaches more than 120 million users every month. Back in the beginning of January 2020 their reach was about only 20 million a month and considering how much the reach has increased is a pat on the back for the company for all the steps it took in the past year.

The biggest driving force for the reach increment definitely has been Twitch. Twitch is best known as a platform where video gamers stream their gameplay live to large audiences. Though the company acquired Twitch back in 2014 it only recently added ad inventory on Twitch to its programmatic advertising platform while before that it had to be bought manually. The company when advertises its ad on Twitch it naturally reaches a larger audience through the streaming and eventually increases the users reach to the platform.

Apart from Twitch playing a role in increasing user views, Amazon also displays its ad-supported video content in live sports like “Thursday Night Football,” IMDb TV, third-party apps and Amazon’s News apps which have also played a huge role in the massive increase in viewers over the past year.

The figure of monthly users refers to U.S. viewers that watched Amazon’s ad-supported over-the-top content on any device.

Along with the massive reach the company is also climbing the charts in the hot earnings from its ad businesses.

The “other” unit of Amazon which basically includes advertising and also includes sales related to other service offerings has grown over by 77 percent year over year and has been calculated at an estimated amount of 6.9 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2021.

Both these announcements about the increase in reach and revenue was announced by Amazon prior to their first-ever presentation at the IAB New Fronts. The spring NewFronts are digital media’s take on the traditional TV upfronts, when advertisers have traditionally committed a large amount of their yearly TV spending. During the NewsFront the online publishers, platforms and other companies hosts parties and conduct presentation in which they display about their yearly programming, audience data and tools to the media buyers.

A report which was released by e-marketers in the late 2020 concluded that YouTube, Hulu and Roku CTV ad revenues represent about half of all U.S. CTV ad revenues while the remaining half and a larger chunk of it goes to Amazon with its apps on the Fire TV operating system as well as on IMDb TV.

Amazon had a fantastic start to 2021 and the company has some great plans for the future. At the IAB’s annual leadership meeting in March Amazon told the public about some of its brand advertising initiatives.

The Vice President of the Sales Department, Alan Moss said that along with the launch of the original IMDb TV slates the company will also be offering product integration and branded content opportunities to help advertisers. The company also plans to launch a standalone app for IMDb TV on Android and iOS devices this summer considering what a great increase the company has seen in IMDb viewership by 138 percent and the data also shows that 68 percent of its audience is in between 18 to 49 and they spend an average of five and a half hours per week watching it.

The company for IMDb TV has also planned to launch a new content. They will ow be streaming Thursday Night Football games exclusively from 2022 previously which was supposed to launch in 2023.

The future looks string for Amazon and if everything goes well and in their favor we are going to see a great increase in both viewership and revenue year after year.

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