Internal emails of Apple shows that the company had a feud with Facebook over App Store rules as far back as 2011 when Steve Jobs was the CEO of the company

Everyone knows that Facebook has a concern with Apple Company over the privacy changes in the latest update of iOS 14.5 in which the advertisers will have to take permissions from the users to track their data to send personalized ads. The statement of Facebook was that Apple is not supporting the small businesses which run merely on personalized ads. However, the point to be noted is that people know that Facebook has concerns with Apple over the latest issue, but the internal emails between Steve Jobs and executive Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller reveal that Apple had a feud with Facebook as far back as 2011. These emails were disclosed by Epic Games as a part of litigation against Apple.

Last August, Facebook put some allegations on Apple company that it is impeding Facebook from launching its Facebook gaming app for iPhones in such a way that it wants. Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook revealed that the company had to remove the gaming part of the app to get the approval of Apple’s App Store for iPhones. Now the recently disclosed emails of 3 former executives (Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, and Phil Schiller) of Apple show that the similar dispute between Apple and Facebook was likely the part of the cause for a delay in the launching of a Facebook app over iPad since a decade. Last year, Facebook again alleged Apple Company over unfairly using the controls on App Store and iPhones to damage developers and consumers.

Apple launched its iPad back in 2010, but Facebook did not even introduce a single app until October 2011, and the engineer of Facebook gave the reasons for the delays that the company had a tense relationship with Apple. The emails between Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller, the two executives show that Scott Forstall has also spoken with the CEO of Facebook about not including “Embedded Apps” in Facebook’s iPad apps. And Scott was not happy with this step of Facebook because that was not even secure at all and, therefore, he said that the company should do an iPad app without Facebook.

Facebook was trying to make its social media platform into a Gaming platform and apps, and it needed Apple to negotiate on this step as Facebook can skip a directory of apps in the Facebook apps not even links and Facebook can even stop the third-party apps from working in an ‘Embedded web view’ and Facebook also wanted Apple to permit the users post in the news feed related to apps and that had nothing to do with it. Facebook suggested that having tap to one of those apps in the feed shift the user to a local app or take them to the App Store if one occurs, or else link that out to Safari browser of Apple. The CEO of Apple Steve Jobs also replied via his iPad that he agrees to eliminate the third recommendation of Facebook and Forstall also had a long discussion with the CEO of Facebook over the third proposal, but Facebook did not agree to prohibit the Facebook apps to link out to the Safari browser.

The emails of Phil Schiller show his point that he does not even like why Apple wants that app because these apps will not be local at all and these apps neither have relations nor these apps are licensed with App Store, so Apple cannot review these apps and Facebook will also not use the API tools. Some emails of Steve Jobs also revealed the named Facebook which Steve used as ‘Fecebook’ and said that Facebook should not be permitted to host its own apps.


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