Apple has established a very secure system over the years and has prevented over $1.5 billion of fraud in 2020

Every system has its faults and flaws. Fake comments, reviews and followers can be seen everywhere. Apple recently has been constantly on the news for both good and bad things. It has an ongoing legal battle with Epic Games over the much played and popular game worldwide Fortnite Apple removed the game from its Apple Play Store and the reason was because Epic Games violated one of Apple's policy rules. Epic Games placed an antitrust lawsuit and this is still going on. The company has released its much awaited iOS 14 and updates and changes that promises the security of its users.

Apple has revealed that due to its App Store ecosystem, the tech giant company was able to prevent $1.5 billion of fraud in 2020. The company also said that if not this then there could have been a lot of illegal activities taking place on the App Store. Apple over the years has developed a much secure hardware and software unit to prevent such acts. The company even got a mention on Nokia's 2020 Threat Intelligence Report where many analysts and experts agreed on the fact that Apple is actually the safest place or safest Play Store for users to search and download their favorite apps from. Apple's security system has even gotten much acknowledgement by the US National Security Agency as well.

More on Apple's strong security setup, the tech giant company knows how important this payment activity step is for anyone who buys things from the Play Store. For this a very strong security setup is highly crucial on any platform, and to establish this was a focus for Apple as well. Through its system, Apple was able to prevent around three million cards from getting stolen and has prevented the banning of over one million cards from transacting repeatedly. All in all this made the total to $1.5 billion which the tech giant has saved from getting into the hands of people who commit these crimes.

Overall, by looking at the situation of other tech companies, Apple comparatively has had a better system established over the years and has proved this as well. The users of Apple are satisfied and Apple has always been known to keep its users needs first.

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