This could be the worst news for the Clubhouse app as the app has been download about 900K times in the month of April, down from the peak of February of 9.6 million

The Clubhouse is one of the most famous audio-based social media platforms that is still invite-only and available for iOS users. The user can use make use of this app to listen in on and participate in different conversations on multiple topics and sometimes with celebrities and famous personalities like Oprah, Kevin Hart, etc. This app gained popularity just in few years due to its audio feature and many other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are working to introduce a similar feature to get many users on their platforms. However, the latest download details could be worrying for the app because its downloads have fallen a cliff as this app has seen only 922,000 downloads in April.

This is a decline of 66% from the downloads of March as it had downloads of 2.7 million in that month, and the downloads of this app were at peak in February as it saw downloads of 9.6 million in that month. This data is shared by the spokesperson of Sensor Tower. The decrease in the downloads of users indicates a strike for the social media platform. This app was also alleged of neglecting the data of users as the scrapped data of about 1.3 million users was posted online, and that could a reason for a sudden decline in downloads. Many users do a lot of care about their privacy and that could adversely impact the reputation of the app when its data is exposed online by hackers and it becomes very difficult to gain the trust of users again.

February was the luckiest month for this app as it saw downloads of about 10 million which was almost a 300% rise from January when 2.4 million people became users of this social media platform. The representative further said that April’s user’s growth seems to have diminished in recent months but said that data indicate retention is solid among users. The Clubhouse has become a dreamland for Silicon Valley Culture, with the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg having looked on chats on this app. This app is still an invite-only, but Paul Davidson has told that the app is planning to open its platform to everyone, and this could be a good idea to again boost up the downloads in the future. The Android users will also be able to enjoy the experience of this audio-chat app.

Clubhouse has collaborated with payment company Stripe to allow the users to send their money to creators on this app. The net worth of Clubhouse was around $1 billion in January; however, it is assumed that after allowing the funding on this app, the net worth of this app will go up to $4 billion.

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