Now it is easier to see who is editing shared documents on Google Docs

Previously, Google Docs do not allow anyone to know exactly who edited the shared files. But now, with Show Editor feature, it has been made easy by Google Docs to check what modifications are made and who did the editing.

Collaboration is what Google Docs is known for. With all the documents already saved and lined up, it will se much easier to start work for the forthcoming projects. This will help to save the time and get done with work quickly. In reality, it is difficult to remember who edited the file when working with a large group. But Google docs most recent update has made it possible for Workplace users to keep up with modifications.

Google Docs also has a new "Show Editors" feature that shows additional details about the history of a particular section of any text. According to Google, Show Editor feature is rolling out starting today. To access this tool, simply select a chunk of text and tap on Show Editors present on the context menu. On activating the feature, a complete list of people who are currently working on that specific text will be displayed including time stamps and revision history.

Show Editors helps make this task convenient for admins to keep on checking every detail including who made the changed and when the document is last edited. This will standardized the workflow for other workers in the group.

Needless to say, deleting revisions from a document is not any easier as a result of this. Though, Office subscribers have the option to refuse suggestions, users who access Google drive can also make a clean copy of the document to delete changes to the layout. One important thing to note is that one cannot undo the changes author made in a document, a users will only be allowed to see the alterations within a single saved file.

On the other hand, starting today, Workspace Business Standard and Plus, Enterprise Standard and Plus, and Education Plus customers will have access to "Show Editors”. In the time span of two weeks, it will become available publicly.

Before the release of this feature, it was difficult for worker to stay on the same page as others in the group. Nobody was able to know the changes and who is behind those modifications. A user need to separately download the word document to edit where necessary. Show Editors not only makes it easier for the large group of workers to keep the track of changes but also make it possible to conduct future projects smoothly.

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