This summer Facebook Is Planning To Introduce A Clubhouse Competitor With New and Better Audio Tools

Clubhouse app had quickly become one of the most talked about social network due to its audio chat function as it had more than 10 million active users up from 600,000 in December 2020. 

Facebook is alarmed by the popularity of Clubhouse and therefore, it wants to bring strong competition to the market with the launch of a similar product called Live Audio Rooms that you will also be able to find on Messenger as well, this summer. Facebook has already millions of active users and it is the giant social media in the world with the capacity of beating any other platform.

While announcing the multiple social audio products for its users, the company made a statement this Monday that it will test live audio rooms for groups first, so more than 1.8 billion users using groups and tens of millions of active communities on Facebook can enjoy audio chat rooms just like Clubhouse. As a part of the initial announcement, Facebook also said that it will bring the live audio chat room to public figures and celebrities so that they can host discussions with other experts and their fans. These live audio chat rooms will also be available on Messenger besides just Facebook, which will allow you to easily hang out with your friends and family.

Facebook has introduced numerous products that highlight voice content over text, photos, and videos, now the company is also focusing on building a set of new audio creation gears that will be available on audio creation tools directly on the Facebook app. You will also be able to set the music in the background of your stories through Facebook’s sound collection. Now the company is also launching the Audio creators’ fund to support new audio creators on the platform. All these conversations can be twisted into Soundbites, this upcoming feature will allow people to use, share, and create audio short audio clips just like you see on TikTok. You will see Soundbites within the broader news feed and the creator can record them in a distinct tool within Facebook. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has compared this "Soundbites" feature with Instagram’s Reels and TikTok videos.

Currently, this feature is not available for every user as Facebook says that it is testing this feature and will be available for few creators at the beginning of the next few months before making this feature available to everyone. Now you don’t need to go to YouTube for watching podcasts, you will able be able to listen to the podcast directly on this platform both while putting this app on the front screen or in running in the background. Facebook is also planning to offer monetization tools on audio chat rooms via single purchase or subscriptions to build business for audio creators.

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