Twitter Spaces, a competitor of Clubhouse is now widely accessible to users

Since last couple of months, the user interface of Clubhouse has immensely increased. Clubhouse has gained a huge popularity among other major platforms for introducing chat rooms feature for an open discussion. Since then, big social media platforms are trying to release service similar to that of Clubhouse. Likewise, Twitter has been working to roll out its service of chat rooms named as Twitter Spaces.

Twitter released its Twitter Spaces feature the past week that works somewhat like a Clubhouse but clearly it is not similar to Clubhouse. Currently it is only available to some of the users. A requirement of at least 600 followers is a must to access Twitter Spaces. People with 600 or more followers on iOS or Android are allowed to organize a chat room, according to Twitter. This demand seems to be a kind of a limiting factor that restricts the usage of Spaces. People with minimum of 600 followers can avail this feature. Those who have less than 600 followers are not allowed to host a meeting on Twitter Spaces which is unfair to them.

Even if someone is not famous enough to join the Spaces hosting club, they still have a chance to be a part of the discussion on other people’s Spaces and can speak up only if they are capable in the eyes of the host. The host has the ability to invite additional speaker in the chat room, to boost the invited ones to speak up, mute or remover any additional one if they want, and pin tweets to the discussion. Invited people on the Space can only interact via couple of emoticons. Twitter will most likely make Spaces available to all users very soon.

Twitter has outdone the job by creating an audio-only section of its service, with automatic captions and tags on all responsive components usable for deaf and users that finds difficulty in hearing. As per a blog post related to usability in Spaces, advancements in caption precision and reliability are on the way, and so are scrolling history, tailoring visual elements, and exploring opportunities for expanded language support.

In the regular Twitter app, Spaces is now available. To host or enter a Room, a user must have the app installed on the Android or iOS device.

To enable Space, click the main Compose button, upon clicking an extended list will open that shows the new Spaces option, tap on that option to create a Space. Once a room is created, user will be asked to either name the group or invite other people. In the app details menu, users will also need to grant the Twitter app the Microphone access.

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