Third Party Apps Can Access More Data After Twitter API Update

A lot of people tend to use Twitter through a variety of third party apps, particularly if they are using this social media platform to connect with their followers to promote content and business ventures. Back in 2018, Twitter changed its API so that third party apps would be quite limited with regards to the kind of data they could acquire from the platform, and the main reason for this was that Twitter wanted to try and boost its security as well as create more privacy that its users could take advantage of.

Now, Twitter is modifying its API so that third party apps would be able to acquire far more data from it. For example, these apps will now be able to access Likes data. This can be absolutely essential for someone or the other that might be trying to find a way to see what content users are reacting to a lot more positively, and brands that are using Twitter to sell more products will most definitely be able to streamline their processes now that they can obtain such data whilst still using third party apps to manage their accounts.

With the latest version of Tweetbot being capable of interfacing with this new API, it seems like third party app users will have an easier time obtaining data from this platform. There are still a number of features that third parties have been restricted from using due to the changed API, so it remains to be seen whether or not Twitter will restore all functionality or if it will simply focus on what is absolutely essential for now. Some might argue that restoring full functionality is a key aspect of Twitter remaining competitive these days, but Twitter has always had its own long term objectives many of which remain somewhat mysterious to outside observers.

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