By bringing out latest iPhone updates, more regions will now have Air Quality Information available

Air Quality Index or AQI allow us to track the environmental changes and keep up with them easily. As the ecosystem environment has been changing continuously and the contamination in the urban atmosphere has already crossed the line. Now, further changes will be harmful for living population existing on earth and regrettably situation cannot be controlled in short span of time. Traditional methods of determining air quality is so old that when people got to know the details the situation would have gone worse.

The advanced tech world is there to save the life. Now with the smartest technology, it is way more easier to receive air quality information with just a single click. Only devoted Apple users would already know that iPhone comes with weather app that is pre-installed in the phone. This weather app is specialized to collect the weather details and also include Air Quality Index for specific locations. Not everybody is aware of the fact that this weather app in the iPhone holds every information about weather. This might be due to limited support of the app. Only few countries are allowed to access the weather updates on the app including the United States.

According to some Reddit users, the latest changes in iPhone has made this AQI signal available to others outside the United States. Apple is currently working on this project with the initial steps apparently being taken in the newly released iOS 14.7 beta. Apple is planning to spread the AQI reach beyond the United States. The locations outside of the Unites States includes Canada, Spain, Italy, France, and the Netherlands to receive the air quality information from the pre-installed weather app on iPhone.

Other than this update, another important thing to note is that this AQI signal is also accessible on Apple maps and these iPhone users will get to know the weather updates on map directly. The update is not over yet, the surprising element comes when Siri will provide the Air Quality information upon asking.

According to the resource, the update is still in testing beta phase. It is not available publicly as of now but soon with the iOS 14.7 update it will be provided to the users. Expectedly, people got to know when this feature will become accessible to all.

With all these tech services, it will become much easier to track all the weather updates and be prepared for the difficult situations. Just with the passing days, the urban atmosphere is becoming more and more dangerous.

Screenshot: JohnEe

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