Twitter to Introduce an “About” feature On the Profile Page of Its Users

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms where people type in their thoughts in the form of tweets within a specific amount of characters. The application has a user strength in millions and is a fun app for so many to use who like to keep on sharing the thoughts they have or just to aware people about something online. All this makes the tech giant realize that they have a huge impact in people’s lives and hence it always works towards introducing new features for its users.

Twitter this week will be opening the profile verifications application yet again however, that is not the only interesting thing happening on the platform.

The tech giant has come up with a new feature for the profile page of users and it is called the “About” tab.

The new About tab will contain new profile updates where users can put in their pronouns, translator status, interests, etc. These can further be divided into further depth of points and links with people updating on their About tab other information like a more in-depth bio, or connection though to a podcast, newsletter, or even saved Spaces and audio content.

According to Twitter, this idea is to provide more context about an account and improve the online connection between users. The tech giant believes that through this feature people can learn and understand more about who they follow and it can be a better guide for them on who to follow and interact with on the app in the future.

One more thing on this “About” tab that was noticed and asked by the users was the presence of a part called “Confirmed account” and what was the purpose of this.

On this the tech giant said that this new feature provides users with the ability to display whether or not their account is confirmed by the tech giant which in simpler words mean that users have verified their account with Twitter via email or phone. This way users will also be safe from being called a “bot” account which is a common Twitter insult that’s often levied during heated debates.

According to the tech giant this will help users form a sense of trust and validity in the absence of the coveted verification checkmark and will also be a reason for minimizing the spread of misinformation on the app as this new feature serve as a means to help clarify information sources and will help people understand which information is authentic and which is a misused information from a bot account.

The feature however is under testing conditions currently and will be launching in a few weeks.

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