Google will soon allow developers to advertise their Android apps on the desktop search

The competition between developers on the Google play store keeps increasing as the number of apps increase, with roughly 3 million apps and around 700,000 developers on the Google play store, the fight to make your app become top rated is difficult. App developers can face a hard time while trying to advertise their apps on the Google play store and get people to download them, for new developers promoting their app can be a hard battle if they don’t have the right budget and tools for it.

Keeping this problem in mind Google was quick to come up with a creative and really well thought of ideas and tools that will make it easier for developers to advertise their apps much better across the Google eco system.

The first tool that Google will be releasing is Google’s Ad campaign for desktop, Ad campaign already exists for Android users and other places in the Google eco-system. The Ad campaign feature uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to evaluate and improve the advertisement campaigns, Google machine learning algorithm learns user behavior, location and previous searches which helps targeting the right audience for the advertisements. Now for the very first time Google will be releasing this feature on the desktop version of Google browser.

Now the app developers will be able to target users and reach prospects not only on mobile but on desktop as well, the app advertisements on Google search will be linked to the Google play store’s website however the app will be installed directly on the device linked with their Google’s play account. Android app advertisers will be directly opted into the desktop version of the Google ad campaign, so no additional action is required.

Google also realized that it is important to connect with android users via in app events, which is the reason behind Google introducing the ‘Google’s Analytics for Firebase SDK’ which will enable advertisers and developers to build custom in app events without the need of writing any complex codes, which will certainly make the whole process easy.

Apart from this Google is also releasing an in link validator and ROI tool, deep linking helps users to go straight to a single destination or a landing page but this whole process requires a lot of time and work, however with this new tool, developers will be able to do this much faster.

It is surely Google’s ability to bring great solutions to complex problems that makes them stand out from other companies and makes them the market leader.

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