The video search giant YouTube has launched a ‘subscribers only’ feature, out for testing

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform globally. It has been an alternative to our TVs and quite frankly most of us don’t even watch television anymore because of the variety of content that YouTube has been able to provide to its viewers in the recent years. It has also become one of the greatest means through which young people or anyone in general can earn money through their talent in vlogging and video making skills.

The video sharing platform has been known to introduce tools that can help create more of a connection between the content creators and the viewers. It has been reported that YouTube has actually launched beta testing for subscriber only chat. Through this feature, content creators will be able to host live streams and chats just for their subscribers. This will definitely help content creators to connect with their subscribers and have another better sort of understanding. This was a much needed feature as sometimes during live streams and chats some toxic people who are known to only spread negativity and their hate join them and do the only thing they know to do.

This feature might sound similar to one of Twitch which is an online social media platform known to host live streams and discussions. To their subscribers’ only feature, YouTube has also added something interesting. Content creators hosting the live streams can also control which subscribers can join their live. Meaning that they have the power to allow only a certain audience based on how long they have been subscribed to the channel to. To make to use of this feature, from the live stream, click edit, then live chat and then with the option who can send message click on subscribers.

Ryan Wyatt, Managing Director, Gaming and Commerce at YouTube, has also given some hints on what else would this feature bring more in the future. The feature raiding was one of the hints that he gave about. Raiding is also a feature found on the platform of Twitch, where users can finish their live streams by passing on their views to the other streamer. This gives an idea on how many people joined the live and how much was the streaming passed onto others. As the feature is at the moment available for testing, so only a few number of content creators can have access to it. YouTube has said that it will soon release this feature out for everyone else too soon.

This is a great initiative on YouTube’s part and we really hope to see more features like such.

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