DiversityInc has published the list of the top 50 most diverse companies, only a few Tech companies could secure their place in the list

DiversityInc has recently published the list of the top 50 most diverse companies and the list also astonished many people about the tech companies that the list was markedly barren of most major tech companies, pointing out a long-standing criticism of the tech industry entirely that it is most similar at almost every level. These tech companies come at the top positions in almost all the lists like the most powerful companies, the most innovative companies, etc. But, in this case, only 3 companies could make up the list. Here in the diverse list, Hilton, Toyota, and MasterCard secured their top positions.

Companies like Accenture, ADP, and Comcast also secured their position in the top 10 in the list, unfortunately, no tech companies appeared in that position. The CEO of the company of ADP said that these issues of diversity in work need to be addressed in tech and other companies and only those companies can succeed more who provide diversity and equity in work, in this way, their employees never become disappointed. The CEO further said that the companies should hire a diversified workforce especially after the racism strikes and the brutality of police that happened in the summer of last year.

The vice president of Comcast, Dalila said that the company was prompted to make major diversified changes in its workforce after the racism protects last year. She also said that the last year was quite a challenging year, yet that year gave us many opportunities to learn from our mistakes and build a stronger, more justifiable, and comprehensive future for the company. This diversity listed was created based on the array of metrics including the gender and racial description of the overall workforce, management and board, the new recruitments, and the dedication of the executives and leaders to prefer the diversity and presence, as well as supplier diversity.

Companies are also paid for philanthropic efforts and commitment with native non-profit organizations concentrating on people from less-represented groups. However, tech companies are not yet focusing on diversity and they are also not making a major change, but still, some efforts have been put in by these companies. Crunchbase CEO said that their company will show the list on the profile of the company so that people promote those companies run by minorities and especially women. Many companies are taking their stance to fight for equity and diversity.

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