Clubhouse Releases its Application On Android Devices When It Realized the Threat That Hung Around It

Clubhouse, is an audio chat only social media applications and since its release, which was quite recently has it taken the social media world by a storm. The platform is now downloaded on thousands of phone where people can listen to audio conversations from celebrities or simply hosts one themselves.

However, the only drawback the platform had was that it was only an iOS limited application (“Was” being the key word here). In a recent development that has traveled along we have heard that the Android version of Clubhouse is ready and is even accessible to users’.

When clubhouse first launched, its popularity made other social media platforms to copy the idea and bring about a similar feature in their applications and hence, Twitter came up with Spaces, Facebook with its own thing and Instagram was also working towards an audio only live and considering the fact how Clubhouse was only an Apple limited application along with the fact that users’ can only enter the application if they had an invite to it and users had been clamoring for an invite on the application for over an year. All this started looking like a drawback for the application.

Hence, the Clubhouse similar features of other applications were a threat to Clubhouse as they would have offered their feature on both iOS and Android devices so Clubhouse rolled in action to create an Android version of their application. Initially the tech giant announced that its Android version was ready but was under testing purposes and hence was available to a few users under the test beta, but this is old news now.

Last week Clubhouse announced that its highly-anticipated Android app was finally real. This means that the application has been made available on all Android devices. However, though anyone can download the application, users’ need to have an invite to get a pass through any audio conversation. Once users get an invite they can punch it in and help themselves to explore what goes around on the application, if they still don’t have one, they can use the Android app to reserve their username and get on the waiting list.

From the looks of it, the Android version of Clubhouse looks similar to the iOS version.

However, though the company has managed to produce an Android application of clubhouse and saved itself from the threat of the downfall on the popularity chart, the save is only 50 percent. This is because that while Clubhouse may be available for all Apple and Android devices now, users will still need an invite to enter the application while other applications that have produced Clubhouse like feature which give access to everybody without needing an invite and hence they hold this trait above Clubhouse.

While Clubhouse has fixed 50 percent of its problem, we will see when and what it does about its invite only feature because it certainly looks like a threat to it when compared to other applications.

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