The new Whatsapp playback speed feature has taken web users by surprise

The playback speed variation introduced by Whatsapp has taken the web by surprise and people have mixed opinions about it.

Whatsapp usually fails to surprise its users and whenever it does, it is not a well-received surprise. For instance, back in 2017, Whatsapp launched the status feature which was quite poorly received by the public and is still viewed sourly by most until last year when it announced some of its best features yet.

In last year, Whatsapp incorporated several new features that were generously appreciated by the public. The dark mode, self-deleting texts, and catfish busting tool were the talk of the town for a while. However, following that, Whatsapp seemed to have retreated as no new features were announced. We were in for another surprise when Whatsapp announced its new policies that had to be agreed on by the public till 15th May, but of course, the deadline was extended as people are still unsure whether it will be like the former policies. Now, Whatsapp is back with another bomb, but this time around, the targeted audience is Web users.

Web-users all around the globe have noticed a new Whatsapp update where you can listen to voice notes at different speed rates. Since voice discrepancies have been an ever going affair for quite some people, this was indeed delightful news. The platform has launched 3 different speeds for now including 1.0x - the normal speed, 1.5x, and 2.0x. This will enable users to manipulate the speed to their benefit and for once, utilize Whatsapp's feature for their sake.

Although it has been a hot topic for some time now, not many people have been able to access it. The availability remains a mess as according to a tweet by Wabetainfo, it was submitted a month ago through some screenshots that Whatsapp playback speed is on the roll for Android and recently, that iOS users can access it as well, however, we remain foreign to the feature.

It would also be much appreciated if the feature was not just available to web users but to smartphone users largely as well. For the matter, the feature will then be much well-received but will increase the ever-decreasing fanbase of Whatsapp as well. If you have already witnessed the features, you are indeed one of Whatsapp's favorite people and if you haven't already, be patient and we wish you luck!

This new Whatsapp feature has had a mixed chain of reactions. While most are simply surprised by this least anticipated feature, many people have high expectations regarding its use. The question here remains whether Whatsapp will fill the bill or let us down as always?

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