The most recent WhatsApp update allows users to listen voice messages faster than before

The immense popularity of WhatsApp in India and other Asian countries makes it center of attention whenever new upgrades are released. The messaging space is mainly dominated by the select few options with WhatsApp getting the major attention.

Whenever any feature of the WhatsApp is upgraded or changes are made, a billion of users got effected as there is huge popularity of WhatsApp among users of different countries. Such an addition was WhatsApp's voice message/voice note feature, which quickly gained popularity among users who generally prefer to send audio messages rather than text ones.

If a person has received a lot of voice notes at a time, the playback speed setting allows the user to easily listen to all voice recordings without wasting extra time. WhatsApp is eventually bringing out the possibility to listen to voice messages at various replay levels to Android beta users, as per WABetaInfo. This will going to ease the task of listening longer voice notes and reply within no time. The feature had been in progress for almost a month, and its availability to beta users comes as a surprise, given WhatsApp's slow speed of improvement and feature implementation in comparison to Telegram and others. Some users on WhatsApp Beta are finally noticing a 1x/1.5x/2x option on voice messages, which is surely a better option than never doing it.

The speed is changed to the next choice by pressing the button. This upgrade can actually be useful in cases where users require a quick recap just to go through the voice note and understand or in a group chat when important voice messages got missed because of the group members messages.

Playback speed setting should have been launched as soon as the voice note feature became available, however WhatsApp failed to do so and now they are looking forward to release this feature for users. The members of the beta community should keep in mind that the functionality is only being enabled on the server-side for a selected few users. For now, it is not available for the entire beta group. Hopefully, WhatsApp will also focus on addressing some of its easily controlled flaws. As the changes bring much ease for the users and help them in a positive way.

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