Here's what you need to know about WhatsApp's new voice message review tool

Good news! Soon users will be able to preview a voice message on WhatsApp before sending it, as WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a new function.

WhatsApp is putting a new feature to the test, which has been made available to beta testers. WhatsApp is also working on a new voice message feature that lets users to listen to and overview their voice messages at various playback speeds.

The current version of WhatsApp voice messages won’t allow users to review voice messages at various speeds before sending it. WhatsApp has been working to introduce a new feature that will enable users to do so. With this update, user will get a chance to listen to their voice messages before tapping the send button hence, there will be less chances of voice errors.

As per WABI, this new functionality will have a Review button, which users can use to listen to the voice message. As stated earlier, once a review button is clicked, the user will be allowed to listen to the voice message and determine whether to delete it or send it.

Presently, this new updated feature is in process and soon it will be available to Android and iPhone users in an upcoming WhatsApp update for iOS and Android. Four new features have been added to the Facebook owned instant messaging app. Often use Mute to prevent chats from being noticed, there will be no phone calls for verified businesses, guidelines for the Media, storage Use UI and tools have been updated.

Nowadays, muting groups is very popular as people got distracted with other people messaging in the group. For this reason, WhatsApp has released a mute always option for the group chats last year. Unfortunately, this work was not sufficient as users were still getting notifications whenever someone mentions them in a chat.

According to recent developments, WhatsApp is developing a new function that will enable iOS users to transfer their data and chats. It was such a big problem for iPhone users that their OS does not support backing up of WhatsApp chats and data. The updated version of the beta for Android has been disclosed to get this feature of chat transfer, according to WABetaInfo.

With this feature, iOS users will allowed to transfer their WhatsApp chats and then it can be imported into Android devices. The charts will most likely be transferred as an external file and imported via WhatsApp on Android devices.

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