Data shows 62.5 percent of the American households are using mobile phones as Landlines usage is declining

Technology is changing very fast in such a way that it is making the life of humans much easier. However, most of the basic technologies from the past few decades are disappearing quickly or have already left out zeitgeists like telegraphs, printing press, etc. One of the technologies was Landline which was considered a major part of our lives and now after the launch of mobile phones, it is disappearing very quickly that most people prefer to use mobile phones over landline because mobile is easy to use, and you can bring it anywhere.

The technology trends are changing very fast that now people can now connect with each other through smart watch. According to Statista, about 37% of the American households are still using landline phones as this data was provided by the local telecommunication company that runs off the copper phone lines laced across the region. You may not be astonished to hear from the person under the age of 30 years that what landline is because of the dramatic change of technology within the past few years. The pandemic has also changed the technology a lot like most people now have to work from home and the usage of the internet is increasing and people are switching from watching TV to YouTube videos.

A survey was conducted of 15,000 plus US households, that gave some surprising facts that about 62.5% of the US adults living in households are using only mobiles, while about 36.7% of the US living in households are also using landline phones. The author said that few people have a landline in their homes like he has one and he is also paying the monthly charges for that and only her mother in his family who is 94 years old has a landline phone in home and she even has a problem in changing the wire to the wireless version of landline. He further said that landline phones have their own dynamism and power and the copper wire applied in the telephonic system installed all over the Nation many years after the telephone was developed in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, convey a small amount of electric control that enable the landline to function fully independent of the household’s power or the general electric grid.

Without the power of electricity, the battery of the mobile phones will be dead that makes the wireless system fail. But the landline system survives through the capability to create and interpret sound waves over an electrical circuit. The author said that he worries about the earthquake because he wants to communicate in that situation with the outsiders and he would prefer a landline in that situation because the smartphone towers can fell down easily during the earthquake. Therefore, he is having a landline phone in his home. He considers the landline as safe and it is like radio and train, after decades, we still get the benefits from them. The researcher also considers messaging service as the disruptor of interaction because over 75% of the Americans use messaging service at least once a week, it is obvious that where is this tendency directed because about 91% of 18 to 34 years old people are using the messaging service daily and this percentage goes down to 56% in people above the age of 55.

From 18 to 34 years, people mostly prefer Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other. The messaging service has defied the function of the smartphone. Messaging service does not only offer text, but it also offers voice.

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