The Amount of Money Major Tech Companies Make Every Minute Will Shock You

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing a lot of economic problems all around the world, tech companies ended up seeing one of their strongest years yet. In total, the top seven tech companies in the world saw their overall value increase by around $3.4 trillion, a massive number that is worth more than the GDPs of several large countries combined. In fact, Apple and Amazon, two of the most valuable companies out there, managed to cross the incredible milestone of earning $100 billion in just a single quarter.

It can be interesting to think about these things in ways that can help better contextualize the sheer quantity of money that is being made here. If you look at things on a per minute basis, this can make it so that one can better understand the volume of monetary transactions, and it puts into perspective how strong these companies have ended up becoming despite the numerous obstacles that the previous year put in their path which ended up being turned around and transformed into veritable launching pads and boosters of growth all in all.

Amazon leads the pack earning about $837,000 per minute based on the figures from its first quarter revenue reports for 2021. Apple comes in second at just over $691,000 per minute which is obviously a huge sum but still indicates that Amazon is still one of the strongest companies in the world if you just look at how much revenue they end up bringing in on a regular basis. The middle 3 rankings among the top 7 comprise of Alphabet at $426,000 per minute, Microsoft at $321,000 per minute and Facebook earning over $200,000 per minute.

Rounding off the top 7 are Tesla and Netflix, neither of whom manage to get to the 6 figures a minute mark. Still, with Tesla raking in a healthy $80,000 per minute and Netflix not doing too badly either with over $55,000 per minute, these companies aren’t exactly going broke anytime soon especially with the huge boosts to their revenue streams that they have seen over the past year.

However, revenue isn’t everything. Amazon earns more revenue than Apple but in spite of the fact that this is the case the company still isn’t as valuable as Apple since the latter is worth $2.2 trillion on its own and Amazon’s value is under $1.8 trillion. It will be intriguing to see the end result of all of this growth, as we are entering an age where these companies are starting to obtain massive amounts of influence. Whether this leads to a golden age of innovation or a catastrophic oligopoly remains to be seen.

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